Custom Fabric consultation

Our highly skilled staff is ready to assist you in developing a fabric to meet your exact needs. We have experience in every aspect of woven fabric manufacturing from aesthetic qualities to strength properties. Contact us today and find out how customized CFA fabrics will help your products look and perform better while increasing your production efficiency and minimize waste.


Inventory Management

Need to secure a reliable supply of fabric for a big project but lack warehouse space? CFA will warehouse your order and ship according to a customer defined schedule at no charge. This allows our customers to ensure reliable fabric supply and regular on time delivery. Contact us today and ask how our ‘Bill and Hold’ service can help insulate you from fluctuations in price and fabric availability.



  • Navy Licenses New Resin for Commercial Use - The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has announced that it will be licensing a new NRL developed PEEK-like phthalonitrile (PN) resin system. Key points of the new PN resin include: Superior flame resistance High temperature – remains strong up to 500 deg. C Low water absorption indefinite shelf life without refrigeration easily used out of […]