Carbon fiber and composite materials for aerospace applications—CFA is certified to aerospace quality standard AS 9100 Rev C. We specialize in producing industry standard and custom reinforcing materials for aerospace composite part fabrication and repair. Contact us for information on aerospace fabric development.




When “off the shelf” products aren’t suitable or won’t work for your project, our highly skilled team of textile engineers can help. We can provide custom reinforcing products to accommodate design specific requirements, help eliminate excessive waste, or simply to add aesthetic appeal to your part. Contact us today for collaborative development of your next innovative component. Contact us by e-mail or call (828) 632-5220.




Composite Fabrics of America is the leading-edge wholly owned subsidiary of one of the oldest and most advanced weaving mills in the United States, Schneider Mills. This legacy in the weaving industry, combined with the capabilities of the CFA team, enables us to create a high level of quality and innovation. Contact us for a capabilities presentation.


  • Navy Licenses New Resin for Commercial Use - The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has announced that it will be licensing a new NRL developed PEEK-like phthalonitrile (PN) resin system. Key points of the new PN resin include: Superior flame resistance High temperature – remains strong up to 500 deg. C Low water absorption indefinite shelf life without refrigeration easily used out of […]