About Composite Fabrics of America Composite Fabrics of America (CFA) is a weaving company based in Taylorsville, NC that produces fabrics for the composites industry. Primarily weaving carbon fiber, we also have the ability to produce aramid, fiberglass and hybrid fabrics. CFA is a custom weaving operation.

Whether our clients need a special weave style or a custom construction we can handle it. We have the ability to weave everything from composite tapes as narrow as 1″ to fabric as wide as 80″ in any common or custom weave pattern.

We pride ourselves on weaving first quality tapes and fabrics 100% of the time, everytime. If it isn’t first quality it doesn’t leave our facility.

Additionally, we have begun development on fabrics specially designed for resin infusion technology and we can assist customers in developing special fabrics to suit their individual needs. Industries and products that utilize our fabrics include aerospace, automotive, athletics, EMS, industrial, military, marine, police ballistics, sailcloth, winter sports gear and many more. Composite Fabrics of America is a subsidiary of Schneider Mills

CFA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider Mills, a century-old weaving company (also based in Taylorsville) with experts in every field of the weaving industry on staff. Schneider currently operates over 500 looms producing fabrics for everything from military parachutes and uniforms to casual clothing.

Schneider Mills has long been regarded by the textile industry as one of the most state of the art facilities in the country. This vast knowledge base of technical ‘know how’ allows CFA to stay ahead of the curve and quickly design and produce a wide array of fabrics to satisfy any of our customer’s needs.


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